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Soothing, Organic Self-Care

Invest in yourself with calming, all-natural products by Christy Dees Simply Natural. Shaped by a belief in wellness, our exclusive line features everything you require for a luxurious self-care experience. Founded by Christy Dees, she and her team are committed to offering a more wholesome approach to beauty and pain relief and everyday items; their collections include hand-crafted organic oils, creams, detergents, lotions, and more--all made with ingredients derived from nature.

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Kitchen & Garden

Our Kitchen & Garden line brings aromatherapy to your home featuring clean scents like Thyme, Lemon Balm, and our heavenly Sweet Marjoram.

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Just Men

Keep yourself feeling and looking your best with self-care products just for the guys! Explore our line of organically-made hair growth oils, beard oils, body wash, and more.

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Children & Infants

Nourish your little ones with only the best. Explore our line of soothing, all-natural baby oils, handwashes and laundry detergents for sensitive skin.

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Don't forget about your furry companions! We've extended our organic approach to canine care. Shop for shampoos, doggy paw creams, deodorant spray, and even tincture for sensitive ears!

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All-Natural Ingredients

The heart and soul of our collection lies in the raw, organic ingredients we use. We believe the secret to true health and wellness starts here--with products that are made naturally. We've done the research and formed the perfect blend in our products to provide restorative, soothing results.

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From our ultra-soothing, restorative rose cream that will brighten and nourish your skin to our fast-acting pain juice, we've highlighted some of our must-have best sellers!

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Why Keeping It Natural Matters

Just like you, owner Christy Dees wanted to find a better way to care for herself and her home. But unfortunately, much of what we see in the market today are products containing a mile-long list of parabens, chemicals, and harsh additives. In some cases, commercial items labeled “natural” or “paraben-free” we’re deceptive. That’s what ignited her passion for creating a truly organic skin and home care line. Through research and a little work, she uncovered raw ingredients that nourish, relieve, and heal without harsh side effects---just as nature intended.