Christy Dees Simply Natural

active ingredients

Rose Petals

Known for its soothing, restorative effects on the skin, the rose plant has been a prevalent remedy for decades. The active components of rose petals and buds are proven to reduce redness, combat wrinkles and stimulate collagen production. High in Vitamin C and Vitamin E, roses possess anti-inflammatory and hydrating properties. We utilize natural rose petals in our oils and creams for a soft, luxurious experience for the face and body.

Rose Oil

Rose oil is a gem among essential oils. Studies have shown rose oil can improve sleep, alleviate anxiety, soothe migraines, reduce the effects of menstrual cramps and even increase cognitive function. Rose oil can be applied in various ways; common methods include with a diffuser or topically when diluted. We offer an entirely natural rose oil perfect for any application.


The secret, powerful ingredient found in our pain juice, Capsaicin, is nature's ultimate pain relief. Capsaicin is an active ingredient in chili peppers; it's what brings that spicy kick many enjoy. But a more noteworthy property of Capsicin is the heating effect on the nerve cells in our body. When applied, Capsaicin reduces the chemicals that signal a pain response. When used topically, Capsaicin creams and oils can relieve pain caused by arthritis, joint aches, migraines, and other aches.

Cypress Essential Oils

Lesser known than some essential oils, Cypress oil is noted for its antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. Derived from the Cypress tree, this oil is masterful in fighting infections, filtering toxins from the body, and assisting the respiratory system. Additional benefits of Cypress oil include: relieving anxiety, healing wounds faster, acting as a natural deodorant, cleansing the body (improving liver function), lowering cholesterol, combating leaky gut syndrome, treating respiratory conditions like asthma, improving collagen production and blood flow circulation.